Posted the next morning: she was fun
  1. How pretty am I?
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  2. Chrysocolla and other things I bought at the pagan festival.
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  3. Is my sister Rick Grimes? An argument for Hannah's leadership and organizational skills.
  4. Reasons I will sit outside this outside concert on the grass, not inside the outside concert!
  5. Things Noam know.
  6. Things Noam doesn't know.
  7. "Why not try STAYING at your job?" And other unsolicited advice to give 24-year-olds.
  8. The Family Fuck-Up, ranked
    Sister Father Mother Me
  9. How the new class of former CollegeHumor interns are way cooler than the OG class.
    Good job, @ricky
  10. Bones I have painted with watercolor pens and is this weird and what's a better kind of paint?
  11. Reasons I need to be taken more seriously because I've decided I'm an adult now.
  12. How good @bjnovak's books are.
  13. How my friends @liana and @maris are more impressive than the best friends of the people currently sitting on this blanket with me.
  14. Why people need to stop talking because it is now my turn to talk thaaaaaanks.
  15. Whiskey, your sock, the lighter and other things I still don't know the whereabouts of, no matter how many times you ask.
  16. What went through my head in the five seconds between my ex texting me "Drew I need you to destroy someone's life" and my response, "On it!"
  17. Cute dogs I saw today and maybe touched.
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