Keep checking back as I find more good shit.
  1. Max kept making fun of me after the show. He didnt really like Ben. Which is fine and understandable, the kid was really ADD and sort of annoying, but jesus christ, did he have to go so far as to say that ben looked like a mongoloid with Downes Syndrome?
    Ben was really cute, despite his faults (such as his temper, his hyperactivity, and his denial of giving me Adderoll whenever I asked for it.
  2. Did anyone ever think that the answer to the woman body problem is just morbid obesity?
    Because I think a lot of my guy problems would go away if I was really, really fat. Instead of just kind of fat. *sigh* Im not going anywhere with this. And that pit in my stomach is either fear or an excess of potato soup and baguette. Time to go write about "The Odd Woman" Oh also, there is no point trying to quit smoking because it really has become my only hobby besides being a manipulative bitch.
  3. Oh man. Yesterday. Return to Amsterdam: Drew and Emily. We went to the Anne Frank house but that was boring (and cramped! Who knew!) I told Emily that when I was 13 I thought that Anne Frank was really lucky, because she got to live with her crush in an attic and he could never ever leave.
  4. (Taking Ecstasy in Amsterdam)
    Then we went to this place called "The Dolphin" whose basement has this crazy Lisa Frank sort of aquatic scene going on, with dolphins and bubbles and what not. And i was looking closer at one of the bubbles, and i saw that each of the big bubbles had a picture of a famous city in it. And there was one with a picture of New York.....with a mushroom cloud coming up from it. I think this was my first hardcore interaction with anti-American sentiment. It was sort of shocking.
  5. At the hospital I take note:
    of the friendly faces of the way im rushed through of the baby screaming while i sit in the cold white room that for the first time in my life i feel is too small, too inadequate to deal with my problem. I need to go away. Thats what they tell me. I need to go "elsewhere"....soon. To get more tests. To get this checked out "We dont want you worrying in Bermuda!" the crazily cheery nurse adds, slapping me with the clipboard (ow) At the hospital I thank them, get my clothes, go out into ice storm.
  6. Stick it in, stick it in, stick it in boop boop.
    Steve and I went down to the Bermuda beach and it was so pretty,". Then I found this barnacle/leech type thing that had this rock-like outer shell but on the bottom was all sluggish and suction-y and when I put it on my hand it wrapped around it (even the shell! Which could bend!) and started sucking. Ewww, gross. And I killed our Eternal Sunshine moment, but whatever my boyfriend looks like a homeless psycho. And tonight I will put one of those sucky things on his pee-pee >: )