A cool dude clone of me who happens to be my brother-in-law.
  1. John Laroche with better teeth.
  2. Managed to be the first person outside my family that I felt I could see myself being related to.
  3. Jon's wife and HER brother were the second and third.
  4. "Cynical in everything except romance" describes every cool Harrison Ford character and this guy.
    The second time we met he asked me if I believed in true love, but like SUPER-SERIOUSLY. At the time I thought it was a Punk'd thing, but no, he soon moved to the opposite coast to pursue a new relationship. And it went the way we always hope it will (but assume it never will): they now have my baby niece.
  5. I'm just gonna get real talk and say he's the funniest person I know.
    Today at Norma's I did a coffee spit take today when he showed me the drafts of his Lists.
  6. On Jon's birthday a bunch of NAVY SEAL pilots he met after skiing wanted to be his best friend. they gave him a medal.
    Who gets hardware for being the shit?! THIS GUY.
  7. @johnnyartpants wants you to get dessert if you want it.
    He's seen the transformative powers of blueberry kuchan closeup and yet somehow has not gone mad with powered power.
  8. We created House of Eggs.
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  9. And then it was so.
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  10. Willing to watch another episode.