Thanks to @LuvJulia for kicking my ass into gear on this one. Sutton's new show is called Younger, about a 40-year-old who pretends to be in her twenties to land a job.
  1. She loves that people think of her and Ted as this witty, bantering couple.
    She said "it took a long time for me to find him." He helps punch up her dialogue between songs at concerts. They just bought a place together in Manhattan.
  2. Though she loved discovering Williamsburg for the show, she has no idea how to get back there.
  3. Being in your twenties is all about energy and discovering things and excitement, which is the part you want to hold onto as you get older.
    That being said, no one really wants to go back and be in their twenties.
  4. The two things that would give her away in a Logan's Run scenario:
    She doesn't know how to use social media and doesn't like e-books. And she still thinks there should be two spaces after a period.
  5. Her character reads more than she does.
    But now she has two copies of Anna Karenina from a costar's wrap gift. She hasn't read either copy, but she likes them on her bookshelf.
  6. She finds it easier to have the "be older/look younger" dynamic on the stage than on TV/film.
    It's the Lorelai Gilmore effect: she doesn't "read" as a mom for the roles she's age-appropriate for, whereas on the stage, "I can still play the Princess Fiona from Shrek at 35."
  7. The coolest thing about this generation is how creative they are in fashion and how they prioritize being unique/standing out.
    Actually what she said was "Today, it's like anything goes." And I was like "bwahhaahaha." And she was like "what?" And I was like "Come on!" Obviously, this will be the headline of the piece.
  8. She had never really been anxious/neurotic about her age...until she had to make Younger and think about it.
  9. She still thinks of TV and film as this entirely different career than being on Broadway.
    Her whole life, she wanted to be on a *stage,* not a set.
  10. She didn't know how difficult the sex scenes were going to be.
    She thought "well, I've done this more than (her younger costar's), so I'll have it down." But then she got really self-conscious, and the only way to get through it was remembering there wasn't any other option: there was a whole crew depending on her to just get it done and move on.
  11. She takes all her social/work cues from Hilary Duff.
    "She's got like 3 million followers!"