All the illustrations are my own because I'm a creative. Cc @richardabate @liana @doesntmattr
  1. Chicken Wicken and Ducky Klucky
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  2. Chapter Two
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  3. This is some 16 Candles shit.
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  4. Creepy Pasta Pt 1
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  5. Creepy Pasta Pt 2
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  6. So this was when mom started taking me to therapy.
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  7. The Puff Pt 1
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  8. The Puff Pt 2
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  9. This one is just derivative
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  10. Water Adventure Part 1
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  11. Water Adventure Part 2
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  12. This is more of a gentle homage
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  13. Though it turns dark.
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  14. Chapter 11
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  15. I was so into Are You Afraid of the Dark
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  16. The police incident
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  17. The Beach Part 1
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  18. The Beach Part 2
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  19. Ducky's Secret
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  20. The WAR
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  21. Ducky's Contest Part 1
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  22. Ducky's Contest Part 2
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  23. Ducky's Mash Pt 1
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  24. Ducky's Mash Pt 2
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  25. Ducky's Rich
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  26. Ducky Saves the World
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  27. Ducky's Grandfather
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  28. Alt Chapter 25: This has a very Wet Hot American Summer ending. "Next time, *I'll* drive the van!"
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