1. So I wrote about Judaism
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  2. And I wrote about things I thought j should like, (part 1)
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    Marla Singer v cool
  3. More legible half of things I should like (part 2)
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  4. To be clear I do not like guitar players. (Part 3)
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  5. I liked law and citizenship. (Part 4)
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  6. I think I was onto something here.
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  7. Here is something where I just stole the name from Eternal Sunshine.
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    Seth Green shoutout!
  8. Oh okay, so: I thought I'd write a poem about everyone (?) who looked down at me. (Part 1)
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    I don't know who these haters supposedly were. Or why I can't spellcheck things I'm supposedly better than:
  9. Chip on my shoulder part 2
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    Haha I spell DePalma wrong and then claim to give great blowjobs. Spoiler alert: I hadn't kissed a boy yet.
  10. Ugh okay so don't get the fat, weird girl from school really skinny on Adderall or she'll go nuts with power.
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  11. Which leads us to...Toby's note. (Part 1)
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    Toby was my best friend senior year.
  12. I like how I put this whole issue on him for "picking the easy ones." (Part 2)
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    Like loving drama is OG and avoiding it is a bitch move.
  13. This is why you should never write letters to people.
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    This is the one I found and sent to Toby a couple months back. He was like "This is very intense." Hahahaha #fml