My Writing: The Early Years

  1. So I wrote about Judaism
  2. And I wrote about things I thought j should like, (part 1)
    Marla Singer v cool
  3. More legible half of things I should like (part 2)
  4. To be clear I do not like guitar players. (Part 3)
  5. I liked law and citizenship. (Part 4)
  6. I think I was onto something here.
  7. Here is something where I just stole the name from Eternal Sunshine.
    Seth Green shoutout!
  8. Oh okay, so: I thought I'd write a poem about everyone (?) who looked down at me. (Part 1)
    I don't know who these haters supposedly were. Or why I can't spellcheck things I'm supposedly better than:
  9. Chip on my shoulder part 2
    Haha I spell DePalma wrong and then claim to give great blowjobs. Spoiler alert: I hadn't kissed a boy yet.
  10. Ugh okay so don't get the fat, weird girl from school really skinny on Adderall or she'll go nuts with power.
  11. Which leads us to...Toby's note. (Part 1)
    Toby was my best friend senior year.
  12. I like how I put this whole issue on him for "picking the easy ones." (Part 2)
    Like loving drama is OG and avoiding it is a bitch move.
  13. This is why you should never write letters to people.
    This is the one I found and sent to Toby a couple months back. He was like "This is very intense." Hahahaha #fml