1. A giant chicken stormed Los Angeles and I got blood splattered on me when it dropped a bunch of people from its beak.
    I was visiting and immediately got PTSD, which I complained about for rest of dream.
  2. I lived in a trailer park with a lot of anatomically incorrect pictures of vaginas taped to my bedroom wall.
  3. My first boyfriend from college was ignoring me at a dinner function again.
  4. Disappointing sex with colleague.
  5. Hannibal Lector and I are having dinner and I make a huge faux-pas regarding the fork situation.
  6. Watching a Laurie Anderson concert and my dad never shows up.
  7. The "There's something wrong with these oysters!" dream.
  8. The one where I find the eyeballs Richard Ramirez put in a jewelry box.
  9. The AMAZING sex with a former friend dream that's even more disturbing than the bad sex one.
  10. A revisiting of the chicken dream, but this time it's those big rodents that are related to guinea pigs.