Created with help from @NKraft
  1. Alanis
    Omg she would give such good breakup advice!
  2. Barenaked Ladies
    And every list is just alternative lyrics to One Week
  3. Laurie Anderson
    My #1 choice
  4. Louie Anderson
    @NKraft's #1
  5. Paul Reiser
    Touché, I say!
  6. Mark McGrath
  7. Tom Waits
  8. Jon Darnielle
  9. Mac DeMarco
  10. David Miscaviage
  11. Norm McDonald
  12. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  13. Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman
    😎 @erikhinton you know this would replace you and @Rachsyme for ListApp's most gooey couple, right?
  14. James Franco
  15. George W.
  16. Dan Harmon
  17. Your sister
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  18. Anna Kendrick
    Suggested by @sally
  19. Die Antwoord
    Suggested by @johnnyartpants