This is as much a way to keep all these ideas in my head as it a definitive list, so help me add to it!
  1. Celebrate @Jack and @emjuko's birthday on Friday at The Griffin.
    I couldn't be more excited for this and can't wait to give Jack my girls medium Into the Woods hoodie.
  2. Get froyo with @sophia!
    And wear our matching necklaces!
  3. Write with @liana
    let's take some Adderall and get cracking.
  4. Visit my niece Ava and her parents, @johnnyartpants and @lexzie.
  5. "Do lunch" with @richardrushfield
    Like a real LA-type!
  6. Pick edibles with @stamos
    Omg finally a friend who appreciates a little THC! (Please don't have a panic attack. I'm so over that happening to people I'm chilling with!)
  7. Have @gabimoskowitz make me a meal.
    You might not live in LA, but if you take the trip I'll give you plane Xanax!
  8. Lie on @ouizoid's couch and have her tell me everything will be fine.
    I think you actually live in Santa Barbara.
  9. Hang out with @bjnovak and feel okay that it's easier to get his attention by making a list than talking out loud.
    My dad always told me it's not rude to read at the table as long as the book is more interesting than the company. And my writing is much better than my presence!
  10. Go hiking to Murphy's Ranch with @dev and @Grosstastic
    And @sophia, duh!
  11. Catch up with old friends @Urbaniak and @jesseno
  12. Meet people I've hired from ListApp @MissBicks and @hollis
    I know I'm missing people from here...speak up and I'll add you!
  13. Take a stretch limo hummer with @lindsaygelfand
  14. Take a Los Angeles tour with @kevinlincoln
    I've done zero things on his fun date ideas list.
  15. Dance to a song played by @samantharonson
    I got to do this exactly once, years ago at Gold Bar in LES. I would like the chance to do it again. And this time not black out. (Adulthood 🎉🎉🎉🎉)
  16. Hang out with any other Listers who are down!
  17. Infiltrate GIRLS writers room posed as a janitor
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  18. Get my copy of Dear Diary finally signed by @lesleyarfin.
    Shit will be worth $$$ on EBay!
  19. Have @averymonsen explain once and for all what things are funny and why.