It's one of my top 5 favorites and is getting a remake.
  1. Not THE Cube. Just Cube.
    This used to drive me nuts. Why not THE Cube? Was there more than one cube? Of course there was: HyperCube (which is what happens when you put Cube to the second power) was about a tesseract, long before those things became cool again.
  2. The names are a clue.
    Everyone in Cube is named after a prison, and each prison is a clue into the characters' personality.
  3. Oh right: so Cube is a movie where people are stuck inside a giant Rubik's Cube that keeps moving and some of the rooms are TRAPS.
    This would be a good time for you to practice your Admiral Ackbar impression.
  4. Cube is a Canadian film so of course it was partly funded by their government.
    Since they couldn't build a full-size, rotating horror house, the filmmakers decided they only needed one full room with six entry points (north east south west, also up and down) and one "half room" attached, for when characters would open a door. Then they just shot the scenes from various angles and primary colored lighting. Voila! Cube!
  5. The new movie is going to be called Cubed, which is literally just a HyperCube, which we've already established was the name of the sequel.
    And also a tesseract. The new movie will also deal with AI and the birth of "a new digital race." It makes me think we need less talk, more CUBE.
  6. THiS GUY!
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    He was in Hard Core Logo too!!!
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