Out of Character

  1. Have not watched new Star Wars trailer.
  2. Made up with Neil LaBute.
    I think his new show Billy & Billie has one of the best female character he's ever written. (Though @zoe still has best portrayal in Some Girl(s))
  3. Managed someone else's cocktail event.
  4. Got back into Instagram.
  5. Went to doctor for legitimate reason.
  6. Got way into a sponsored content conversation.
  7. Treated the couch.
  8. Wore red lipstick!
  9. Googled contouring.
  10. Refused to backchannel.
  11. Got Tate-style vulnerable. Meant it.
  12. Went through and spring cleaned my contacts.
  13. Showed up for therapy for a month straight.
  14. Got over Tyrion.
    Dude stop being such a bitch.
  15. Lost enough weight.
    Thanks bronchitis!