Feel free to add on!
  1. Cynicism: Mark from Peep Show
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  2. Entitlement: Jez from Peep Show
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  3. Horniness: Amy Schumer
    No brainer (and NO PUN INTENDED!!)
  4. Shame/guilt/self-loathing: Joe lo Truglio
    No one is better at calling themselves out on being a stupid idiot.
  5. Adderall: Ilana Glazer/ Charlie Day
    changed my answers!!
  6. FOMO: Miles Teller
    "awwww how great does that party look right now, man? Sooooo much fun! Hey, do you think anybody misses you?"
  7. Nostalgia: Jon Hamm
    It's all carousal speeches, all the time.
  8. Inspiration: @lenadunham
    All my greatest ideas are originally pitched in my brain in the form of a question.