1. So, is this happening?
  2. How long do you spend on your hair?
  3. What's the WiFi password here?
  4. Can I just stay here while you go to work?
  5. Who is Megan?
  6. Who is Rachel?
  7. Who is Sally?
  8. Who is Peggy?
  9. Who is Betty?
  10. Whoa, you've been married before?
  11. Can you open a window?
  12. Do you like flying?
  13. Do you want to move to LA together?
  14. Do you have syphilis?
  15. Can you help with my Klout score?
  16. Can I be in a commercial?
  17. Can I write a commercial?
  18. Can you order more channels?
  19. Can we order some breakfast?
  20. Do you ever take your undershirt off?
  21. What are the biggest boobs you've ever seen?
  22. What kind of porn are you into?
  23. Can we get a dog?
  24. Can you just emote a little more?
  25. Do I "talk too much?" Or do I just talk too much FOR A WOMAN?!
  26. How do I know you are even listening to me?
  27. How did I know you would smell so good?
  28. Can @liana come over?
    Not when you are home, babe. We just need a quiet place to work and this is cheaper than a hotel.
  29. Have you guys invented gluten free stuff yet?
  30. If you don't have any coke what am I supposed to mix this alcohol?
  31. Ooh, follow-up question: have you guys discovered Cocaine....the band?
    Good save, me! Cc @arimelber
  32. Wait what happened to that thing where you didn't have to go in to work and they still paid you? Is that option still on the table?
  33. Where are my tampons?! Don?!
  34. I'm a female cisgender power bottom. But enough about me: Who are you, again?