Just got off the phone about her upcoming Showtime special. She's amazing, no d'uh.
  1. She loves McDonald's bathrooms and was on her way to use one our entire call.
    "Thank god for McDonald's! It's always clean in there!" she said, clarifying that she'd never eat there.
  2. She admits when she's stumped on a question.
    I asked how she felt about performing in states like Indiana (cuz I watched @liana's HuffPost Live show premiere!) and she really had a hard time figuring out her answer, but tried her hardest to give me an honest one. A lot of celebs would have just said "pass" or given some PR-approved line.
  3. She doesn't believe in the comedian-heckler relationship.
    Her special is about going and performing at different peoples houses and the natural conversations that arise between her and her fans during a set, because while she doesn't want someone constantly interrupting, she wants her standup to be like "there's a party but I'm the only one who gets to talk."
  4. She kept referring to things that happened "before my entire life fell apart."
    And how hilarious it was that she went from being unable to get a show to having a doc and two competing specials on premium cable coming out.
  5. She had no trouble understanding the pun in "Transparent."
    But it took her girlfriend longer, so I don't have to feel as bad.
  6. She likes where she's from.
    Mississippi, really religious, conservative, military family that has no problem accepting/loving her and her GF. They are thinking of having their wedding ceremony out there.
  7. She performed in churches before
    Like, REALLY intense churches, too. "I like being able to go into church and get on the stage and say I don't believe in God."
  8. She does weird cartoon voices for her GF
    "People who think they know me, if they saw how I acted behind closed doors, they wouldn't recognize me." I feel that so hard. 👍
  9. Because she might be on the next season of Transparent.