1. Coughing up brown, green and yellow gunk; will be distracting to office mates
  2. Waiting for @kbsmoke to miss me.
  3. Went HAM last night celebrating @arimelber's new position at work.
    Actually I only had a sip and a half of alcohol because I was already losing my voice. But it's a good excuse.
  4. Saving my voice for therapy.
  5. Have to catch up on The Following.
    Ugh, this show. It has so much potential. But it never fails to disappoint. Kind of like me, I guess.
  6. Have to edit a colleague's piece.
    Have been putting it off FOREVER.
  7. Going to Erin Lee Carr's TriBeCa premiere of Thought Police tonight; want to be prepped.
  8. Terrible nightmare where James Franco and Kevin Spacey lured me and @liana to some covert location and hacked off my arms and legs so I was just a human nugget.
    I woke up in the middle, sweat pouring down my face. Horrific.
  9. This is just how I do.
  10. @videodrew I was waiting until tomorrow to miss you
    Suggested by @kbsmoke
  11. Because I am trying to put up this amazzzing essay from one of our freelancers and it's like my computer knows this and is trying to FUCK ME.