Recent Netflix Discoveries

I find cults soothing
  1. The Sacrament: found footage horror/thriller by Ti West, with the conceit being these guys are VICE reporters, lol. It's like updated Jim Jones but very atmospheric.
  2. Don Hertzfeldt's "It's Such a Beautiful Day": everything and nothing. Like that Slaughterhouse Five quote about heave, but by the guy who made that "Rejected" viral video. ("My spoon is too big!")
  3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: the nuances of bird law are examined in this deeply moving portrayal of a giant dumb stupid flightless bird.
  4. Sound of my Voice: Brit Marling is a cult leader from the future maybe?
  5. Upstream Color: Pig farmers and mind control and flowers.
  6. You're Next: a bunch of indie actors you are probably friends with in the Twitter sense of the word get picked off one by one and it's SO GOOD.