1. "Too much crying."
  2. "Obviously stoned; won't remember to rate."
  3. "Makes you text her because she doesn't like talking on the phone."
  4. "Talks too fast to understand"
  5. "Didn't like that Scientology movie; has some Opinions."
  6. "Obviously stoned; won't remember where she left her car."
  7. "Obviously stoned; won't remember address of where she lives or who is willing to take her."
  8. "Didn't use any of the tissues."
  9. "Seems to spend entire car ride on phone, getting life advice from a small child."
    Surprise! It's just @arimelber.
  10. "Obviously stoned; refuses to get out and face the world."
  11. "Needs to relax."
  12. "Not relatable as a character."
  13. "Very many cords."
  14. "Won't ask you to turn up music."
  15. "Needed a pee stop."
  16. "Not worth the effort."
  17. "Is obviously going through something."
  18. "Hoarded the free mints."
  19. "So you know that scene in Transparent?"
  20. "Asked to be taken on the 'Manson Tour.'"
  21. "Put her analyst on speaker phone"
  22. "Obviously stoned; kept asking if I had borrowed her lighter."