Ralph is a 71-year-old man at Starbucks and he called me a sweetheart
  1. God is silent. And we read his silence as acquiescence.
  2. Jews are the only people to question God. And THAT'S what got me interested.
  3. I'm an atheist. That's important, psychologically.
  4. Well, I'm not going to get too far into what my book is about.
  5. This isn't about the patriarchy.
  6. Martin Luther King was the only person to ever do something.
  7. The bible teaches guilt. So all these beautiful buildings you see around you, all this science? It's all based on unhappiness.
  8. Have you heard about Freud's theories on repression?
  9. (Vehemently) These are ALL elements of social control!
  10. Your speech patterns are very distinct to Mesopotamia!
  11. Well that's just manipulating reality to get what you want!
  12. You know how many times I had to call the contractor to get that pool done right? You can't get quality work, I tell you.
  13. What's your first name? Is that African?
  14. What percentage of you is Christian and what is Muslim?
    Ahhhhhh this other shoe just dropped SO HARD.
  15. (Singing) "I will not stop my mental fight, I will not let the sword sleep in my hand...Jerusalem!"
  16. I am very big on the Anglo-puritans.
  17. When you mention Puritans, all that people remember is The Crucible.
  18. Any woman who lives alone and avoids male company is a witch, and this is the only thing we remember from the past.
  19. Can you tell that I'm Sephardic?
  20. There were two separate diasporas, but we were actually QUITE happy in Greece.
  21. So they didn't kill the Jews, they just said "Please don't live in Palestine anymore."
  22. My crazy cousin...well he became a nuclear physicist, but he just loved those old Cryptkeeper comics.
  23. Correct! That WAS before the convention code.
    (W/r/t horror comics, not Geneva.)