I was #blessed to be in the room when SOMEONE was watching Top Gun for the first time tonight.
  1. "There are a lot of technical terms in this movie. Was the audience primarily pilots?"
  2. "Wait they are still in school?"
  3. "Where is this school located?"
  4. "Okay, we're tracking planes again, fine. I guess. Fine."
  5. "It's almost as if we're just toggling back and forth between scenes where they are in the air and ones where they are on not."
  6. "Now that you point it out, the sweating IS distracting."
  7. (During bar scene) "Well this doesn't even make sense."
  8. "Oh like she would know that much about planes! Come on!"
  9. "Meg Ryan!!"
  10. "Was this movie a big deal at the time?"
  11. "Tom Cruise is delightful."
  12. "Oh they are doing that THING where you've been so tightly coiled that even touching skin is a big deal."
  13. "Really not what I was expecting."