And not always positively (Feel free to add suggestions!)
  1. Transparent: I just finished rewatching it, this time with my sister. Didn't even know I could ugly cry that hard. The whole thing just feels very intimate, and the portrayal of these flawed, pretty self-centered family is never handled withou compassion. Perfect LA program.
  2. Togetherness: Same as above, minus complex trans issues + 👶
  3. The Walking Dead: I rarely like this show, but it does kind of make you feel like you're in that David Foster Wallace story about the really depressed woman whose therapist kills herself. You are the one friend that The Walking Dead still calls on the phone to complain, and you have cancer.
  4. The Leftovers: Same as above, minus 😵💪😲😋
  5. Looking: this show has a right to be as boring as it wants, I guess. It's got a very soporific effect, but when I try to locate how its pacing is any different from Togetherness, I come up empty. I find it soothing, however.
  6. Last Week with Jon Oliver: It's kind of amazing that this show could come in and win the late night/variety award at the WGAs, considering it was going up against Colbert and Daily Show and Fallon and SNL. For a half an hour, it's a great deep delve for smart comedians.
  7. Kroll Show: like combining the spirit of UCB long form sketch with the sound effects of Adult Swim. Kroll knows characters and he so clearly loves trashy pop culture. The third season has become some Black Mirror-esque commentary on reality programming. A+++
  8. Key and Peele: Probably the best physical comedians/duos. They are so silly and yet on-point I keep forgetting they aren't British. If you watched to the end of their (admittedly uneven) Super Bowl show, everything derailed when the singularity occurred and we were left w/ Queen Allison Janney.
  9. Babylon: British show w/ Brit Marling on Sundance TV right now, and it's a doozy. She's a TED-Talk circuit, millennial publicist/fixer type hired by Britain's police force to rehab their image. Dark, dark comedy. The second ep has a big fucking reveal you'd never see on American TV.
  10. Inside Amy Schumer: the "M'LADIES," "military gaming" and Sorkin sketches were great, but she had me at "Jamaican Adderal."
  11. SNL: not even ashamed to say that the past few years of Saturday Night Live have produced some of the best and weirdest sketches. Yes, it's hit-and-miss, but it's never NOT been that. Ratio of funny things to not funny things pretty high for a 40-year-old sketch show.
  12. Always Sunny: These psychos know who they are and where they fit in their self-contained unit. They don't "do" socially awkward. It's not cringe-y; they don't feel bad about anything...why should we? Characters don't grow so much as expand. Always Sunny is #SorryNotSorry, and it's a revelation.
  13. The Comeback: Nothing but cringe. You know what? Embrace it. Stay uncomfortable. Allow yourself to hate Valerie Cherish for her voice and her neediness. Then get past that feeling and move on to this brilliant piece of satire with the best second season "comeback" ever.
  14. Broad City: When people compare it to Girls last year, I kind of rolled my eyes at the false equivalency. But this season's amazing pegging episode just kind of elevated the culture conversation about butt stuff (see also: @mindy) while showing some real heart and character development.
  15. Adult Swim Infomercial Hour: Unedited Footage of a Bear. Two Many Cooks. One more win and it will officially be the scariest channel in existence.