1. I screamed out loud when I saw Mads Mikkelsen in that Rihanna video. My entire office heard.
    But because my job is the best job, the most anyone commented on it was asking if I needed a recapper for Heroes Reborn.
  2. I've moved on to watercolor pens.
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  3. I hung out with @doesntmattr at a playground yesterday dressed as a camp counselor and didn't worry at all that I might be arrested. #growingup
    I took zero kids home with me because it's illegal but also I didn't really want to.
  4. My best celebrity friend hypothetical is Channing Tatum.
  5. My best celebrity friend IRL is @arimelber.
    Fuck it, it counts?
  6. Voted "Most Likely to Watch You Play that Very Scary Video Game But Won't Ever Play It."
    Still watching people playing the playable trailer. http://bit.ly/1RV7QmO two weekends ago we turned out all the lights and I sat so close to the tv and watched my sister's boyfriend walk around one hallway for two hours. It's the scariest fucking thing.
  7. I am thinking about writing a letter to M Nigh Shyamalan and telling him that I don't need another reason not to visit my grandparents.
    Sorry, The Visit: http://bit.ly/1H4aOCj Maudlin plot devices can be good teachable moments, like when we all learned to love dead people, or how to destroy nature before NATURE DESTROYS US. The Visit looks like it might just be about Alzheimer's, which is REALLY SAD. It's also already the plot of The Taking of Deborah Logan, which is on Netflix.
  8. My dad is like Rachel McAdams' dad on True Detective, except instead of talking about the universe he's just always talking about True Detective.
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    And let's be clear: that's the shittiest TD theory I've ever heard. Like he's DEFINITELY overthinking it or confusing the concept of the show with like, Fargo.
  9. I keep thinking it's Friday but it's NOT!
    Well, now it is.
  10. @LevNovak is periodically trolling me on Twitter by saying I'm DONNA from Twin Peaks.
    That is actually the MOST fucked up thing anyone has ever said about me to my knowledge.
  11. One of my security questions to verify I'm not talking to a spam bot is to ask them to name my favorite ex.
    @lenadunham nailed it in record time.