Less crystal, based. Though made of similar mineral structure. I dunno...that sounds right.
  1. Amethyst pendant, smoky quartz, lapis lazuli point, malachite pendant and egg, aventurine, blue agate slice
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    This came out to under $50 today at a place I found (FINALLY!) in Chinatown. It was a crowded little gem shop and curio, like the kind you imagine someone having a Gizmo just hanging out in a wicker barrel in back. Actually, he only charged me for amethyst, lapis point and one of the malachite stones, and he gave me the rest because I "obviously love crystals!
  2. Angel aura quartz
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    Wish list!
  3. Pyrite, bismuth
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    Prosperity. Carried them around today and guess what? I hit my 2,000th blog post at The Observer! So that's a thing!
  4. Conichcalite
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    This is why I prefer geodes and stones and crystals to be raw and not tumbled. I like my druzys.
  5. Galaxy opal
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    Oh hey, so you are saying the EARTH just grew a rock with a GALAXY inside of it? Shit stones are fucking cool.
  6. Carnelian
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    I didn't buy this one because ewwwwwwww menstrual cycles.
  7. Tourmaline
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    It does something interesting where it deflects bad vibes BUT ALSO takes that energy being thrown at you and gives you power from it. It's like a Magic: The Gathering stone.
  8. Dude boulder opal.
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    Seriously what the fuck are we just standing on top of MAGIC??!
  9. Is this opal prettier than me? Starting to get jelly.
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  10. Argardite with something I can't spell.
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  11. Malachite being malachite.
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  12. Peacock ore (stop fronting, ORE.)
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  13. New titanium Quartz.
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