Of course, the best present was looking around and seeing people who I actually love and support and am invested in; despite never having met a few
  1. @stamos' black obsidian
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    This stone has some really passive aggressive qualities but so do I.
  2. @stamos Eleanor David How to Be Happy.
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    Baby I read those pages. It was perfect.
  3. @Jack's flask and oh what's this he brought?
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  5. @emjuko print. I can't talk about this too much because thinking about it makes me cry.
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  6. In revenge for the Battle at Sweater Creek, @johnnyartpants and @lexzie sent me a device for torturing @arimelber. It's like having the Boltons for in-laws! And a kid!
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  7. Also @Z and @MirandaBerman forgiving my face blindness (hopefully?)
  8. @tothemaxxx and @RachelPologe indulging in some Fan love.
  9. @fisackerly for being a last minute addition to the cast who gets the Emmy.
  10. @MissBicks for letting me pick her up.
  11. @hollis for that GIF in my head where she goes "WHOAAAAAA!"
  12. Whoever told me Manson in Aquarius was Remly Baratheon.
  13. The whole thing!