1. Mark: "to adult swim, fixed gear bikes, J-Law, skinny no foam half-caf..."
  2. Roger: "...Odd Future, Omar, hating Hannah Horvath"
  3. Collins: "for anyone who watched Transparent on their mom's Amazon Prime..."
  4. Angel: "Gladiators, parody accounts, to checking your privilege all of the time!"
  5. Maureen: "hearts to urban outfitters stocking my book!"
  6. Joan: "Wait but indie bookstores need to fight for what Jeff Bezo took!"
  7. Collins: "get over it Joan, their original series are dope!"
  8. Joan: "It Happened to me: I was Mansplained at a dinner by a bloke!"
  9. Mimi: "SeekingArrangements, SuicideGirls, creepy pastas, Slenderman"
  10. Benny's father-in-law: "wait I'm a slender man!"
  11. Everyone: "to getting over 'Yes We Can!"
  12. MARK: "parliaments, UCB, origin stories, not owning a TV"
  13. Benny: *jack-off motion*
  14. Mark: "let me guess...you still DVR 'Glee?' To auteurs Herzog, Lynch, Tao Lin, JJ and Terry Richardson"
  15. Roger: "uh..."
  16. Mimi: "Not okay."
  17. Joan: "It's called 'Yes All Women!"
  18. Mark: "Kind of feel like we got somewhere offtrack...how bout to DIY, YouTube makeup hacks?"
  19. Benny: "To Ron Paul! And Rand Paul! Speaking of, to Ayn Rand"
  20. Roger: "hashtag blessed!"
  21. Mimi: "binge-watching!"
  22. Joan: "soft grunge!"
  23. Mark: "Xanax for panic attacks! To all the haters, we will opine..."
  24. Everyone: "...we aged just fine!"