2. Why do you all look 45 but are actually a balding 23?
  3. Which one of you eats whole pomegranates every day by biting into them like a fucking ALF animal.
  4. God I want to smack the face off that kid when he smirkingly talks about how much people at city council gets paid.
    Dude you are a glorified intern.
  5. "And then someone found her with a pile of cocaine on her head."
    No, see, this never happened. You guys suck at reporting.
  6. Which one of you orders every single kind of ethnic food and mushes them all together like a gooey monster mash?
    No surprise, it's ALF guy.
  7. Are you a bear? Because otherwise, why would you buy 4 cartons of berries and eat them in an hour?
    Suggested by @kbsmoke
  8. Stop explaining the Vietnam War!!! 😤
    Suggested by @kbsmoke