Things on My Altar

They aren't one but many scattered. Pay it forward: @Z @richardrushfield @stamos...
  1. Hexagon jewelry box and golden antlers
  2. Tortoise shell with lotto tickets, feather earrings and I sign that says "birds don't have careers" in scary font.
  3. Blowfish lamp, animal skins, dead terrarium and skull candle from @maris
    And a picture of us at an Obliterati party in the Hampton's. Lol, #fml.
  4. Animal skull, horns horns, tomahawk, more fur, fake bird, ceremonial knife.
    Yo @liana you taking that tomahawk home right?
  5. Antlers, two skulls, kiddish cup, bridal veil.
    This is distressing because I don't think I made that? And it's a REALLY dark image. Like, "Silence of the Lambs" dark.
  6. Here is my LA altar...
    Yo but let's go back to that skulls one: @arimelber did you make that?! Why would you do that it's SO SAD.
  7. God east coast altars and west coast altars are totally different.
    If this was The Craft, I'd be Nancy and you guys were like the girl from Scream. Cc @manon @doesntmattr
  8. Do you guys think that I made that skull thing in my sleep?
    It seems too elaborate.