1. Husband @arimelber made some lists. (Check them out!)
  2. Neil Patrick Harris did a magic trick where he turned a 3 hour ceremony into 4.
  3. Had like 33 meltdowns. Counted them: that's exactly how many I had.
  4. Started mentally packing for LA (going on Thursday!) because F*CK this weather.
  5. Wrote an article about psychedelic drug use on TV.
  6. Ate three tubs of cottage cheese (with maple syrup on top, so don't get too excited.)
  7. Worked on pilot.
  8. Watched Pontypool, which is the best zombie movie ever because it's all like "What if LANGUAGE was the virus?!" Also it's from the perspective of a shock-jock radio host. (Netflix)
  9. Watched Grave Encounters, which was not a great film but definitely played into my fear of infinite time loop, Re: getting stuck in one. (See also: Black Mirror Christmas Special.)
  10. Watched "Liberal Arts." All my feelings about that film have been sent as DMs to Josh Radnor.
  11. Watched Kill List (Netflix). You know what? Not for me! But then again I don't like Mike Leigh films, so the idea of a horror version of his work doesn't appeal to me, particularly.
  12. Watched Cropsey (Netflix), which was like the ACTUAL documentary version of Grave Encounters and pretty DAMN scary.
  13. Found out that most people from The List had their emails to me sent immediately to spam. (Trying to rectify now!)