Just double confirmed our table at Lavender Lake at 6, so look for...a group! Requested by @HydeYourLunch. I'm speaking mainly to NYC ListAppers, but I guess you can apply these to West Coast as well!
  1. This is me! (I'm really bad with names/faces!)
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  2. Benghazi
    (Still a thing, right?)
  3. Political climate in 2016
  4. Anxieties
  5. Makeup hacks
  6. Roseanne
  7. Shark Tank
  8. Musicals
  9. Hip-hop
  10. All the spoilers I can remember from tonight's Game of Thrones
  11. The weather
  12. How we know @bjnovak and @dev
  13. How much we're pooling to get @stamos out here for next time.
  14. Challenge and Real World
  15. Ambien regrets
  16. Matt's Battlefield Earth theories.
    Suggested by @doesntmattr
  17. Drew's Going Clear theories.
  18. We are going to be at middle table!
  19. This is what I look like with Drew right now.
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    Suggested by @doesntmattr