1. Comments about purse being open.
  2. Reality
  3. Hair care
  4. Oral hygiene
  5. N-A-P-S
  6. Alarm clocks
  7. Comments about turning the lights out.
  8. The state of my stemware.
  9. Anything other than one-on-one conversations.
  10. News; front page (Style section is fine, anything that's weekly and not daily is fine.)
  11. Not having an iPhone so when I'm texting you through my iPad bc my phone's out of juice you never get my iMessages.
  12. Most movie theater experiences, these days.
  13. Pitch meetings (the same for news magazine as television, except we only have to do it once a month and I ALWAYS call in sick.)
  14. Star Wars debates.
  15. Airport lines.
  16. New York from October-May.
  17. Deadlines
  18. Lack of deadlines.
  19. Inbox
  20. Claire Underwood's bullshit attitude this season.