➕➕➕tv's Mad Women: Seething Heroes of My Life➕➕➕

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  1. Lisa Joyce as Billie in "Billy & Billie."
    I am very sorry if you don't have DirecTV and can't watch this Neil LaBute TV show, because it's his first spectacularly written female character.
  2. Cersei Lannister
    In that premiere flashback, when she sounds just like a young Joffery and you're like "oh she's ALWAYS been like this!"
  3. Amy Schumer
    The best kind of angry woman. The kind that knows all the dirty words.
  4. Olivia Pope
    Haven't seen this week's episode but I bet she didn't get MORE hinged, right?
  5. Kate Mara, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Emma Roberts and Tammi Taylor in American Horror Story.
    Especially season 1 & Coven.
  6. Selina Meyers
    I like that she's not always played as an out of touch boss. You get a lot of jokes that serve to remind you how bitingly funny Selina can be. And she's going to give you back that Philip Roth book...
  7. Jessa, Girls
    People think she's unfeeling but they don't see that her problem is she feels too deeply.
  8. Kimmy Schmidt
    Strong as hell, going to town on Rev Richard Wayne Gary Wayne.
  9. Patricia Clarkson, Broad City
    This is like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe but in an alternate universe where George dies but the sprout stays alive.
  10. Claire Underwood
    She's terrifying. I kind of wish she was my evil stepmom. Is that weird?
  11. Mallory and Lana, Archer
    These two might actually be scarier than Claire.
  12. Betty Draper, Mad Men
    "what a wonderful therapist I'll be!!!" Shut up Betty, you haven't listened to one word anyone's said since you started on Valium. I hope Betty's only patient is Glenn.
  13. Pamela, Louie
    I fucking love Pamela.