For @Z, who hit a nerve with this request
  1. Short answer: I DO NOT KNOW.
    This show makes me feel all mixed-up inside. The government conspiracy/homosexual relationship with someone in Nixon administration feels so dumb and unnecessary. I didnt care about Cherry/Emma at all until the last couple of episodes, and then she was the only interesting Manson girl in the program.
  2. I think Duchovny wishes he was Jon Hamm.
    But he's older and his humor is a little bit stranger than I think Hamm's is. While Hamm is super slapstick-y and plays off how handsome he is, Duchovny has always carried that "transvestite detective from Twin Peaks" vibe with him. So even when he's playing the most straight-laced dick ever, he gets these absurd little moments where he shows off ballet moves or tells someone "I like your little hat!"
  3. Because Duchovny doesn't really read as "The Man," it's hard to see him organically existing in the Manson story.
    The best scene of the whole show is when *SPOILER ALERT* he is dosed with acid and it's the best portrayal of tripping since Fear and Loathing. Not only that, but Duchovny seems most at ease in his own skin when playing a character out of touch with reality, instead of being the person charged with defining it.
  4. The race stuff is pretty heavy-handed, but I guess that's where the country was at...Manson's link to Black Panthers though was just a scape-goat/boogeyman for Helter Skelter.
    He shot that Bernard Crowe during a drug deal, but as he said to him later in prison, and at the time he was worried the Black Panthers would retaliate, but a) Crowe lived and b) he wasn't a Black Panther.
  5. I love the portrayal of Manson as a mush-mouthed, rambling tweaker. He had spent most of his life in prison, Scientology and was a pimp as well as a cult leader, so all those weird parts of him being shown are A+++. Plus, Remly!!
  6. They needed stronger Manson women on this show, because that's where the story was; Manson himself is laughable out of context.
    Manson was a con man and a career criminal w/ dreams of being a music star. The Manson Family wasn't scary bc of Charles Manson. Scariest was the women who believed in him: the Carrie White-types who had been kicked around or ignored for so much of their life, who were (for the most part) very plain, who weren't (again, for the most part) even women but very, very lost girls. They took the Manson directive to "do something witchy" to Terry Melcher and turned it into horrific Tate murders.
  7. Yeah, still haven't finished it. But it's turned a corner around the 8th episode and I remain vaguely interested.
  8. Bonus shot: I hate how the police informant looks like the undercover cop and Manson because it's VERY CONFUSING early on.
  9. Is Duchovny going to become Deep Throat??
  10. Also: the part that's fascinating (to me) about the Mansons was how it seemed all feel-good groovy at first. Manson appearing as a dark, shadowy figure that goes to parties to kidnap girls presents him as a Big Bad straight away, and only later do they bother shading him in.
  11. It's aesthetic is 100 percent "Don Draper goes to Los Angeles."
  13. I'm still not finished (two eps to go!) but things take a dark dark DARK tone and every scene becomes a horror show. Now THIS, this I could watch. It's ugly and strange and brutal, but at least it's trying to make you feel something.