1. Got really close to Jurassic Museum, then got distracted by dispensary; never made it.
  2. Had someone at Hertz upsell me on a Passat that has a steering wheel I can barely turn.
  3. Went to Skylight Books, bought Megahex.
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  4. Had a really long convo with the guy who created the Free Winona and Free James Brown tshirts. He let me try on his mask.
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  5. Called hertz a billion times to swap car in; keep getting transferred to dead line.
  6. Drove around with no directions because Passat doesn't even have a USB drive and the lighter charger barely works.
  7. Put crystals all over my car and immediately was able to turn steering wheel, wtf.
  8. Had Amy Schumer retweet my Maxim piece about Pete Davidson so that felt good.
  9. Ate at jack in the box, even though I really don't want to, because I didn't know where I am and didn't want to leave car. And I was really tired and hungry and didnt want anyone to see me.
    nacho taco taste better with tears.
  10. Checked into motel for the night because that was enough things for one day. guy behind desk at 11 pm gives me a worried look and asks "what happened to your face?" Was about to snap back, but then realized he'd confused my under eye circles for bruises and would call police on my behalf.
    I wonder if he does, whose name I should give (v good prank.)
  11. Get my period in the shower, like Carrie!
  12. Fell asleep watching Aquarius and being VERY underwhelmed by it.
  13. Woke up, tried to trade car in, failed.
  14. That's all!
  15. Wrote 9 more pages of TV script with @liana in a couple hours.
  16. Ate a Klondike bar while sitting on her porch.
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  17. Pretty content with trip thus far. Don't have a cow, man!
  18. Took another shower but with my eyes closed.