Updated: Top That!: Prom Date Edition

Didn't know what to do with this information, but I thought it was interesting and want to share. Plz use more discretion than I am.
  1. Chris was the first guy I met in HS who made me feel cool. Even hanging out with him at the 7-11 was like a Richard Linklater film.
    This was us seeing RENT in Baltimore.
  2. Chris and I went to Cape May and he taught me the dance steps to You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.
  3. Chris used to guzzle milk out of the carton, and he'd buy a quart of it whenever we stopped at a gas station.
  4. Now, in fairness to Chris, I wasn't his first pick to prom. He knitted his own line of dresses and wanted to take a skinnier friend. He got me instead. My boobs...the whole night...without a bra....ouch. He was pissed, I think, that we had to tape his dress to my sideboob or they'd kick us out.
  5. Chris made Art. A lot of art. When I saw him in New York at 20, he took the most beautiful but time-consuming pictures of me ever.
    I dunno if there is a nip-slip in this photo, but if so...sorry? Trigger warning?
  6. Chris loved playing Tom Wait's "What's He Building in There" while driving me around the boonies of Maryland. It was the East Coast version of Muholland Drive.
  7. Anyway, this is Chris now.
    Chris is still hur name. (<---hur preferred spelling of "her," because we're from Baltimore.
  8. Anyway the thing I'm most pissed about was that she didn't me a bigger crocheted prom top.
  9. Also, kind of mad she hasn't stayed in touch or anything, because from the looks of it me and Chris would still be best friends.
  10. My one hesitation about reaching out was she was already so ADD and OCD that it took hours for hur to get ready for a party. Those photos she took involved all night a bunch of Adderall. Can you imagine how long that process takes NOW?
  11. Also, what do I say? "Hey, saw you on Facebook. Sorry that we were both such intense people that hanging out with each other created this black vortex of space and time that made reality cease to exist, and that was just not tenable as a life choice for me at the time?"
  12. Or: "Wherever you are going, take me with you?"
  13. Okay, I'm going to call Chris.
  14. Update: got in touch via Facebook, realized I didn't know what Chris identified as and decided to ask. Then we immediately went back into my area of expertise.