Thanks to @Dustin for List idea
  1. Frequently leave my job with no notice to go hang out in California.
  2. Changed my name.
  3. Moved to New York to reinvent myself; feel like phony all the time because of it.
  4. Have to keep moving forward.
  5. Always want the thing I can't have.
  6. Only slept with like, two blondes.
    But one of them is my Ex Prime, like Betty.
  7. Messy apartment with very little decorative agenda.
  8. Would rather burn it down and start from scratch than keep working on something difficult.
  9. Not suitable for children.
  10. Less interesting, at the end of the day, than the people surrounding me.
  11. Terrible mentor who on a few occasions managed to eke out something akin to life/career advice.
    While obviously not applying any of it to my own situation.
  12. Always disappointing people with my inability to grow and mature as a character.
  13. Came up with a Coke commercial whilst meditating.
  14. Never looked natural with a smile.