I was so sick today with a sinus thing and wasn't checking phone today. BIG MISTAKE.
  1. You will feel even worse about having to reschedule that celebrity interview if you've bragged about in an Open List.
    Sorry, @LuvJulia! I'm gonna write your Sutton list, I promise!
  2. @doesntmattr will start texting you about list stuff, cuz he can tell you haven't been paying attention.
  3. @arimelber will pick up the slack, because that is what TEAMWORK means.
  4. Of course @bjnovak and @dev will use this time to release a new function.
  5. @lenadunham will have already done a sinus infection list, which makes sense.
    At this point it's weird if she doesn't predict a life experience right before it happens.
  6. You aren't sure the protocol for reengagement.
    Has too much time past? Would it be weird NOT to mention how I was MIA? Did anyone (besides Matt) notice?
  7. The List, like life, will go on without you.
    End up reading @KatherinePower's 11 Efficiency Tips while crying into your TheraFlu.