What I Spent My "Girls" Money On

@lenadunham and @jennikonner you just sponsored the best shopping expedition trip ever!
  1. Crystal Nightlight, duh.
  2. Agate slice nightlight.
  3. Ice, Ice Sammy: the ice cream sandwich purse! @arimelber was like "won't it melt?" And I berated him as Sammy: "Are you new??? I'm made of FELT! Daaaamn."
  4. Oh yeah, crystals in the kids shop!!
  5. Dude this sunscreen that makes you sparkle like you're in Twilight.
  6. Ocean figurines from Toob!
  7. OMG, this store down the street sells the same foreign Scheich models as the my hotel on Portugal!
    Two new friends!
  8. Now they will fit in with the rest of my little menagerie!
  9. Ta-da!
  10. A new graffitti coloring book and metallic pencils!
  11. Thanks @lenadunham!