@lenadunham and @jennikonner you just sponsored the best shopping expedition trip ever!
  1. Crystal Nightlight, duh.
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  2. Agate slice nightlight.
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  3. Ice, Ice Sammy: the ice cream sandwich purse! @arimelber was like "won't it melt?" And I berated him as Sammy: "Are you new??? I'm made of FELT! Daaaamn."
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  4. Oh yeah, crystals in the kids shop!!
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  5. Dude this sunscreen that makes you sparkle like you're in Twilight.
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  6. Ocean figurines from Toob!
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  7. OMG, this store down the street sells the same foreign Scheich models as the my hotel on Portugal!
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    Two new friends!
  8. Now they will fit in with the rest of my little menagerie!
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  9. Ta-da!
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  10. A new graffitti coloring book and metallic pencils!
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  11. Thanks @lenadunham!