Why Virgin Is the Best Airline (Not a Sponsored Post)

I'm just really, really into it.
  1. It's like a flying Russian nightclub.
  2. Cheapest seats on plane look like this.
  3. All of the movies you were actually planning to see, for free.
  4. Oh yeah you order drinks and food from your screen.
  5. I once saw a guy put his guitar in the overhead bin. He wasn't dragged off the plane or even reprimanded.
  6. I was going to barely make my flight (prob miss it) so they were like "You can just take the other one in two hours." Like it was nothing. Like we were discussing AMTRAK.
  7. Their "slightly more expensive but still in the main cabin" option is like $50 more but legit worth it. All food and alcohol is free, the seats are like a million miles apart and each row has so many USB ports for charging your shit.
  8. They have a totally bizarre but AMAZING function where you can start a chat room with other people on the plane or email or text or "TV CHAT"
  9. TV Chat is exactly what it sounds like and the implications are limitless.
  10. Oh I'm sorry is this a REMOTE CONTROL?
  12. Oh you can just go shopping on your little screen, too. (Not Skymall though...I wish.)
  13. In conclusion: thank you to virgin for being the best and please respond to my email, re: endorsement opportunities.
  14. Whaaaat.
  15. Indie film selection. @zoe