1. Mini cinnamon donuts
    5 mini donuts = 1 regular donut. So much more satisfying.
  2. Tortilla chips
    But I ain't talking store brand, I'm talking artisan locally made chips.
  3. Cosmic brownies
    99 cents for 6, can't go wrong at that price
  4. Blocks of cheese
    You're lactose intolerant Tori. Get your shit together!
  5. Wine
    ...but it's on sale?
  6. Cereal
    Only problematic because it means I constantly have >3 boxes of half eaten cereal in my cabinet at any given time
  7. Flower bouquet
    In which I like to pretend I have enough money to spend $10 on flowers every week
  8. Diet Dr. Pepper
    How can any human resist the bright case of cold pop at the check out lines?! Certainly I cannot.
  9. Frozen chocolate covered bananas
    Sure I could make these myself for less than $2 but what fun would that be