Will most likely be updated bc i read a lot due to a lack of a social life
  1. The Red Queen
    The final book is coming out next winter and I'm freaking out
  2. Along for the Ride
    My favourite summer read by @sarahdessen ... I've read it the past 5 summers
  3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    I mean they're all good but...
  4. My Not-So Perfect Life
    Sophie Kinsella is amazing and I hate that there's an end to them
  5. I've Got Your Number
    Sophie Kinsella again... she's perfect
  6. The Hush Hush series
    Kinda like Twilight but better... #sorrynotsorry
  7. Why Not Me?
    @mindy is awesome and i felt like i could tackle the world after reading it! She's the best!
  8. Rush Home Road
    Just read it. My synopsis will ruin it
  9. Once and For All
    @sarahdessen it was amazing- read in 3 days at the beach