2015 was the year of friendships, road trips and concerts. Inspired by @ListPrompts and @jeremysomething (I'm a little late).
  1. January
    Rang in the new year with my best friend since high school. (She's on the right).
  2. February
    Road trip to Arizona to see Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and the Grand Canyon with my dear friend. We listened to a lot of Sam Smith.
  3. March
    Road trip to Joshua Tree with @ltsblb. We listened to a lot of No Doubt and Taylor Swift.
  4. April
    The view from a hike. April wasn't so memorable, I guess.
  5. May
    I had one of the most amazing birthdays in May and Disneyland was part of the celebration.
  6. June
    Went to Vegas with a big group of friends. Twice.
  7. July
    Met orcas in Washington with my dad. #savethewhales
  8. August
    Chopped off my hair.
  9. September
    Fell in love with San Francisco. Just a little.
  10. October
    I reunited with L.A. for the best Halloween I can remember and met baby Calvin.
  11. November
    The month was so great it got its own list: REASONS MY NOVEMBER WAS PRETTY GREAT.
  12. December
    Spent Christmas with my parents and dog. Perhaps the best Christmas I've had as an adult.