Inspired by @akaufteil and I just noticed is also one of the suggestions of @list itself.
  1. Giant cupcake
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    Made from felt, a cardboard box, and a plastic table cloth from the dollar store. It had to be removed if I wanted to sit down.
  2. Dorothy
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    I bought one of those kid sewing machines that only worked throughout making this costume, but it served it's purpose. I wore this to work and pretended my desk killed the Wicked Witch of the East.
  3. Max Fischer
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    I couldn't find a red beret on short notice.
  4. Black Swan
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    The year that everyone dressed up as the Black Swan. My best friend was the white swan, so at least my costume had a sidekick.
  5. Mia Wallace
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    My coworkers and I won best group costume because there were about 10 of us and the competish was Finance as Angry Birds.
  6. Green Lantern
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    It's rare that I buy a mass produced costume but it happens sometimes. And as a bonus I got to be superhero with @Lena!
  7. Grapes
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    This is the easiest costume I've ever made. Blow up a bunch of balloons and sew it on a shirt.
  8. Sugar Skull
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    This was for Day of the Dead instead of Halloween. The hardest part was making it through the night without smiling (so as not to mess up the face paint. And because I was supposed to be dead).
  9. Princess Mononoke
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    For those who don't know the Miyazaki movie, I've explained my costume like this "she's a warrior princess raised by wolves."