Requested by @bjnovak
  1. May
    I'm narcissistic enough to choose my birthday month first making May the start of MY new year. But it's more than that. May was named after Maia, the goddess of growth and rightfully so. Flowers bloom, even in unlikely places and it's a big colorful contrast from a gloomy transition to Spring.
  2. April
  3. December
    The air is crisp and kind and magical. The holidays and the cold bring people together. Strangers seem to talk to each other more. Glittering holiday décor adds a sense of community wherever you are. Family is closer. Friends are closer. There are more clothing options with layers of sweaters and coats and scarves. There are fun activities exclusive to winter involving snow/ice. And then it goes out with a bang.
  4. November
  5. September
    By this point I'm usually sick of summer and ready for pants and boots and Fall. But September is that last burst of heat for the year that forces you to enjoy the rest of summer whether you want to or not. September is thoughtful that way.
  6. October
    The beginning of the holiday season officially starts with Halloween. Leaves change colors.
  7. June
    Warm weather.
  8. July
  9. August
    June and July are the twins you can't tell apart. Obviously, they are both fun yet special in their own way (whatever way that may be). August is the younger brother who keeps the party going another 31 days, but also, like, why is he there?
  10. March
    At least it's not February anymore.
  11. January
    You can say lame things like "I haven't seen you since last year!" It's supposed to be a new year but everyone seems drained from the holidays that it's more like returning to a monotonous reality than the shiny start of something new. Vacations are over, people have obligatory resolutions to pretend to start and it is dark longer than it is daylight.
  12. February
    So cold.