I just started reading Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person by @shondarhimes and I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my own year of yes. Here are some of the things I have said "yes" to in 2015 that I would not have before...
  1. A road trip to Arizona
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    I've wanted to go to Antelope Canyon for awhile. I woke up one morning from a dream (don't remember) that compelled me to say "yes! I should go this weekend!" It rained in AZ that weekend but I went the following weekend with a dear friend and it was perfect. A road trip seems like an easy thing to say "yes" to, but hold on, it adds up.
  2. Going out more
    I'm an introvert. Personality tests tell me I'm the extroverted type of introvert. Either way, I went out more this year even when I didn't want to, stayed out later, slept less and had a lot of fun. Most of the time it was worth it. I'm always going to be an introvert but I can certainly force myself out of my comfort zone more often these days.
  3. Moving to San Francisco
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    I love L.A. and will most likely return some day but my life there had turned stagnant and I needed to leave. It was a difficult change but much needed. I'm still figuring out what I'm doing here but it has been an adventure so far and I'm only four months in.
  4. Cutting my hair
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    I've cut my hair this length in high school to donate it to Locks of Love. The length didn't suit me, but that didn't stop me from doing it again this year. I have had long hair for almost my whole life. I relied on it even. I know it looks better long but that's the thing about hair: it grows. And so do I.
  5. Embracing being single
    I've been such a serial monogamist in my 20s that I forgot to date myself. Being in a new city has forced me to do more on my own and getting to know myself better. There's still a lot to learn about myself and I hope that never changes but I am more comfortable going to a movie or a café by myself these days, sometimes I even prefer it.
  6. Getting my first tattoo
    It was spontaneous (sober) and with someone I love. I love it now and I will love it with I'm seventy.
  7. Taking more and less photos
    More because I was doing more things in new places. Less because I was enjoying living in the moments instead of focusing on trying to capture it.
  8. Making new friends
    This is hard for me to do but I've actually made the effort to make new friends this year and they're wonderful and I'm better for it.
  9. Doing more
    Just in general. Painting more. Writing more. Going to more concerts, museums, shows. Being more.