Inspired by @babystevens
  1. The one who was friends with all my friends.
    We passed notes between classes.
  2. The one that lasted a week.
    He caught me when I almost fell off his skateboard.
  3. The one who was in (puppy) love with me.
    He was sweet but we barely spoke so he thought I was sweet too.
  4. The one who was never my boyfriend but I was in love with.
    He's married to a boy now.
  5. The one who I thought I would marry.
    Because high school seniors totally know how to make decisions that will last a lifetime.
  6. The one who I gained the most from.
    I learned a lot about myself, picked up some new hobbies and discovered what I didn't want in a relationship.
  7. The one who was 9 years older.
    He got me through my first anxiety attack.
  8. The one who was an asshole.
    Probably still is.
  9. The one I never should have dated.
    Too soon?