In reverse chronological order.
  1. I saw If/Then
    Idina Menzel's voice is magic.
  2. Thanksgiving
    I reunited with family I haven't seen in over a decade and I made a Dutch apple pie.
  3. Copeland w/ Eisley concert
    @skywater got me into Copeland after high school. I aim to go to all the big venues in SF and this was my first show at the GAMH.
  4. My parents visited
    Two things my Korean mother likes: plants and Korean food so I took my folks to the Conservatory of Flowers and a Korean BBQ joint in Outer Richmond.
  5. Ryan Bingham w/ Jamestown Revival concert
    I was blown away by this show. Ryan Bingham had the best/longest encore I've ever seen. List appers also in attendance: @Lena, @nicole and @charlie
  6. Bosh and Karlena visited
    My friends from L.A. came to visit SF for the FIRST time (he's from Chicago, she's from London). We caught up, danced and stayed out til morning. They didn't care much about sight seeing but I dragged them out to Crissy Field and forced them to stare at the Golden Gate Bridge.
  7. We chatted over burgers and drinks and she shared some amazing news. Congrats again!
  8. Steel + Lacquer Grand Opening Party
    @Lena's hair salon's debutante ball! I've never been in a room with as many heads of perfectly coiffed hair. I'm so proud of my cousin and her partner for starting their own business.
  9. I went on a first date
    It was nice to be reminded of what a great date is supposed to look like.
  10. I started volunteering
    It's for an after school program at a nearby elementary school. I help fourth graders with their homework and then a mixed age group of kiddos with clay art. It's adorable.
  11. I was in L.A.
    Nov. 1st was the tail-end of a Halloween weekend spent in L.A. spent with dear friends.