A partial list. Mostly every dessert I could get my hands on.
  1. Guava juice
    I cried. I cried tears of joy when I drank this.
  2. All the fruit.
  3. Shaved ice
    Mango and pineapple flavored with mango boba and mochi.
  4. Kimchi bacon scone
  5. Room service
    Nothing photo worthy.
  6. Pineapple Hi-chew
  7. Guava chiffon pancakes
    These came highly recommended and were AMAZING. Light and fluffy with the right amount of sweet.
  8. Udon
    So good. So cheap.
  9. Dole pineapple soft serve
  10. Mango malasada
    I liked the guava filled one I had a couple years ago. I think it's just a bit sweet for me. And I'm a person who enjoys sweet.
  11. Assorted sorbet: Lilikoi, guava and dragon fruit.
  12. BLT Benny
  13. Chicken Katsu
  14. Lime and lychee flavored shaved ice
  15. Mochi