Sure, I should have made this list yesterday so I could call it "Things I Did TODAY" but I was too busy doing these things.
  1. Breakfast, er, lunch at Kitchen Story with my cousins.
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    I had a red and green Benedict with rainbow potatoes and we shared the Millionaire's bacon.
  2. Sat in the shade at Dolores Park and brushed up on Spanish conjugations.
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    @Lena and I were practicing with @carlos' cousin Mauricio, visiting from Mexico City.
  3. Ate 86 Sour Patch Kids throughout the day and a grape popsicle from Bi-Rite.
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  4. Went to Crissy Field with my new cousin, Mauricio, who saw the Golden Gate Bridge for the very first time.
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  5. Wandered back in time to the Palace of Fine Arts.
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  6. Had sushi with @Lena, @nicole and Mauricio.
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    And by "sushi" I mean an avocado roll and Kobe beef because I'm the worst at sushi.
  7. Went to the Battery for a drink with all of the above people and then some.
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  8. Met @bjnovak and downloaded List.
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  9. Painted my nails Mint Candy Apple.
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    It looks more like Baby Shower Candy Apple.
  10. FaceTimed with my friend, Marcela in LA, while she opened the package containing our tickets for Life is Beautiful!
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