When i'm still a kid, I just want to play all day. I don't like studying cause it's killing me, math is the worst subject ever, I have few friends, I have a simple life and like to eat sweets. Now that i'm already 24, i realized many things in life. Life is an amazing journey and you just need to step up everyday. Passion is what keeps mo going.
  1. Passion
    The thing that you are doing when no one is watching. It is something that you do automatically. One of your daily basis. It is part of your system and no one can stop you for doing what you love.
  2. Life
    Life is something you need to thank everyday because it is an opportunity for us to feel what is really life is. It is your own perspective what life is all about. But for me, life is the best. You can do what you want to do. You can face many struggles but you can over pass everything. Isn't it amazing? Life is amazing.