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Certain songs and albums have the ability to transport you to another time. These are the people, places, and moments I visit when I hear these sounds. You may not remember, but I do. I'll never let myself forget.
  1. Limbeck - Hi, Everything's Great
    This one is so good. And it has two. First- that one time I was with Monica and Alex because we were trying to find this record at Amoeba and when we got outside, her car had been towed and we had to take the Metro home. Second- I'm DD'ing for Mike, Merch, and Cindia going home from hanging out on a boat all day in Redondo Beach and we listen to this album TWICE at full blast singing at the top of our lungs. I loved every second of it.
  2. Name Taken - Hold On
    This was more recent but now it will forever remind me of Katrina and driving home from Pomona to LA. Full blast, singing at the top of our lungs. The whole record is a banger. Those driving sing-alongs, man.
  3. Paramore - All We Know Is Falling / Cartel - Chroma
    Another driving one, but this time it's Justin Enriquez's old Honda Accord. Times were a lot simpler and the nights were much later. Windows down. Going anywhere and nowhere at the same time. Miss those days.
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For future reference. To be continued, always.
  1. Play pond hockey.
    Hoping to knock this one sooner than later. January 2016, to be exact. The U.S. Pond Hockey Championship in Minnesota.
  2. Go to Alaska.
    I want to stay in a cabin and see the Northern Lights. I also want to see a real iceberg.
  3. Go back to Palawan with friends.
    I can't even imagine the memories that could be made by going back to this incredible yet affordable tropical paradise vacation in the Philippines with my closest friends.
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  1. .. just sit here in my living room.
  2. .. see what's on the tube.
  3. .. nothing with you.
  1. It is valuable.
  2. You can't get it back.
  3. Don't waste anyone else's.
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If lyrics had legs, these are the ones standing on a soapbox with a megaphone today 10-20-15.
  1. Death Cab For Cutie - The New Year
    I wish the world was flat like the old days. I could travel just by folding the map. No more airplanes, or speed trains, or freeways. There'd be no distance that could hold us back.
  2. Limbeck - The Sun Woke The Whole State
    It don't mean much. We never had a chance. We're out of touch. The space between us spells it out.
  3. Final Fight - It's In The Blood
    Today's your day. Do something impossible.
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Does this make me an elitist hockey fan? So be it.
  1. The glass bangers
    Yes, you're right there. You're super close. We know. You're the person who knocks on aquariums and hits cages at zoos, aren't you?
  2. The "I could've done that" guy
    No, dude. You couldn't have. That's why they're down there and you're up here.
  3. The hater
    Clearly hates his team yet still renews his season tickets so he can keep talking shit about them to "new" fans to show them how much "he knows".
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After writing this list, I realized how much I like to laugh or watch stuff explode.
  1. The Sandlot
    Always, always. ALWAYS.
  2. Home Alone 1 and 2
    That's how you know it's the holiday season.
  3. Superbad
    It's you! McMuffin!
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