Does this make me an elitist hockey fan? So be it.
  1. The glass bangers
    Yes, you're right there. You're super close. We know. You're the person who knocks on aquariums and hits cages at zoos, aren't you?
  2. The "I could've done that" guy
    No, dude. You couldn't have. That's why they're down there and you're up here.
  3. The hater
    Clearly hates his team yet still renews his season tickets so he can keep talking shit about them to "new" fans to show them how much "he knows".
  4. The girl at the wrong event
    Heels? Why are you wearing heels to a sporting event? Did you think you were going clubbing? And it's cold in here. You should grab a jacket for all the skin you're showing on the jumbotron.
  5. The super fan
    I remember when I had my first beer. Everyone was fired up with your GO TEAM GO chants the first time. Not so much the 20th or 30th time.
  6. The "SHOOT IT!" guy (suggested by Noel Vasquez)
    Patience is a virtue, and sometimes shooting the damn puck isn't always the #1 option. Sometimes, it is. And sometimes, I'm that guy when I'm actually playing hockey. But good lord, stop yelling in my ear!
  7. The bandwagoner
    I honestly don't have a problem with new fans. It's good for the sport. I have problems with people who bounce from winning team to winning team, or only support when the going isn't as tough. Hey bud, don't forget to remove the price tag from your brand new jersey so you can pretend like you've been there and know what you're talking about.
  8. The wrong jersey guy (suggested by Jason Ho)
    Your team isn't playing. Keep it chill with a hat or something. Or better yet- the guy who went out of his way to put Gretzky's name on a current Kings jersey which he never played in. MAKES. NO. SENSE.